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Please don’t disappoint meMiyuki senpai.

Has anyone else noticed the tree in the background? The leaves are all gone; the tree is dead. This can symbolize so many things. Sasuke has left the leaf village and the leaves have left. The tree has died and so has the old Sasuke. And if you look at the ground, it used to be grassy. Now it is cracked, dry earth. It is broken for both of them. They are broken without each other. But the one thing that has stayed the same is the clouds. There is still a constant in their life, and that constant is their bond.

you who swallowed a falling star, oh heartless man, your heart shall soon be mine.

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Sasuke finally believes it.

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#once upon a time there was a boy#he wasn’t very good with people#girls especially#he didn’t know how to handle them so he didn’t handle them at all#no one told him that you have to handle people with care#girls or not#until she came along#all country soft and naive#girls are fragile she said#and he said nothing#and then it rained and he handed her his jacket#and then she cried and he wrapped a promise around her neck#a girl told him she loved him and he bowed and said sorry#he was in love with someone else#once upon a time there was a boy in love with a girl who loved#a man#with a star on his neck#and the boy couldn’t reach the girl who was already with the stars#and one day she disappeared#and it was dark for a while#and while he talks to other people#while he’s more open than angled#there’s a space she’s left behind inside of him#it’s dark#or maybe it’s light#she told him girls are fragile#a lot of things are fragile he finds#he looks at his hands and imagines hers inside of them#looks at the sky and imagines her shining there#you’ll come back right


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Shishio & Suzume [ Shizume: Chapter 65 ] | HnR Things |
your heart’s a mess, you won’t admit to it

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Say something, I’m giving up on you.

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